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CLASS: Hero. Reluctantly so. He will probably keep his dog tags, though he will probably try to rebel against the system as a whole, as he doesn't feel that he has to save anyone (such an act is "useless"). Or so he says, anyway – in reality he has a mild hero complex, so while he may put on the façade of the reluctant hero in truth he wants to show that he can be strong.
SUPERHERO NAME: Knight of the Word
ALTER EGO: Fakir; a ballet student / high school student. If he needs extra money he will try to get a job at the local library or at a bookstore.

POWER: "Story spinning," a type of reality alteration. Fakir can alter reality by writing stories about it. This power is somewhat limited – he must write what he wishes to occur by constructing it as a narrative. As he begins writing, he gains a limited type of precognition – he is able to write what is happening to a group of people at any given moment. For example, let's say Duck is being attacked; he would begin by writing "Duck was being attacked." From that point, however, Fakir can begin to alter the story, for instance, writing, "Yet so nimble was she from her years of dancing that the blows could not touch her," and this would bend reality to make it true.
This ability is very difficult to use, though it can be extraordinarily powerful. Fakir must first of all have a focus for his writing and a will to do so – if he gets writer's block he's utterly useless.

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